Who we are?

We are specialists

In repairing Apple motherboards

A professional team of electronic engineers

Experience of 3000+ motherboards

High efficiency in repairs

Potential. 3000+ Macs a year

We have the potential and ability to repair large numbers of equipment throughout the year.
We use commercial contacts with parts suppliers from around the world.
We have excellent logistics thanks to the proximity of Wroclaw airport and forwarding to every corner of Europe.

Effectiveness. 88% Macs back to life

There are not enough schematics, boardview and software for computers under the apple mark . You need to know how the motherboard components work, how to behave with damaged SMBUS buses, and many other practical information we have gained over 20 years of experience in repairing electronics.

Team. Mac'experts.

Our team is apple fanatics. We take care of people and their technology and we take care of every repair very seriously. It is great satisfaction for us to help everyone who has problems with Apple computers. Each of us learns something new every day and that is why we are experts in what we do.